The following sports management courses are offered through the Eller College Sports Management Program.

Note: Special course fee required. Students will be assessed a $20 per unit fee when registering for these courses during any summer session. Click the course number/title for more course details:

Course Name Units Description
MGMT 351 Sports Administration and Planning

This course covers issues related to the administrative tasks of planning, managing, budgeting and operating various types of sports programs. Topics covered include the administration and planning of high school, college, and professional sports programs and the use of budgeting as a management tool. The course will also include a discussion of the financial, legal, and safety issues relevant to operating sports facilities. 

MGMT 352 Sport Tourism and Event Management

Sport tourism is the fastest growing sector in the global travel and tourism industry. This course offers rich experiential learning, event management studies of regional events/tournaments and analysis of major events.

MGMT 353 Sports Negotiation and Compliance

The purpose of this course is to understand the theory and processes of negotiation, with particular emphasis on compliance at the college and professional levels. A basic premise of the course is that while a negotiator needs to possess adequate negotiation skills, a negotiator also needs to have a profound understanding of the context that the negotiation occurs in order to find an optimal solution to the negotiation. This is especially true in the sports negotiations because of the high visibility and complexity of the negotiations that occur in both amateur and professional sports.

MGMT 354 Business of College Sports

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the business side of college sports. You will have seen college sports on TV or in person, but in this course you will be taught the "behind the scenes" side of intercollegiate athletics — how revenue is generated, what the NCAA requirements are for each program, the differences between each division of the NCAA, how athletics departments are organized and run, and more.

MGMT 356 Sports Communications

This survey course examines the many varied components that comprise communication within a sports environment. Besides oral and written skill development, covered topics include print and broadcast communication, new media, photography, marketing communications, branding, and the legal aspects as they pertain to sports communication and its management. The course concludes with group presentations devoted to a timely sports communications topic.

MGMT 357 Lifecycle of Elite Athletes

This course is designed to teach students about management principles in sports organizations, help students learn about the lifecycle of elite athletes, and to help students navigate the lifecycle in a successful manner. 

MGMT 359 Special Topics in Sports Management

Special Topics in Sports Management will examine various activities taking place in the field of sports management. Currently, two classes are offered: International Sports Management, and Sports Public Relations and Promotion Management.

MKTG 355 Sports Marketing Management

This course is designed to develop a thorough understanding of sport marketing principles and their application to collegiate athletics and professional sports.  Students will learn about multi-media partners and see how marketing affects other areas of an athletic enterprise. Students will understand marketing from the perspective of managing a marketing program.